Video Prospectus – St Edward’s Primary School

Imagine parents and students being able to gain detailed insight into your school without leaving their homes. Here at Velinor Media Visuals we bring your booklet prospectus to life through video. VMV provide a video prospectus service for schools, colleges and universities. This is a perfect way of showing what your school, college or university has to offer and target students and their parents directly. We use our creative skills to make a video that is unique to your school and will stand out.

Moving with the times is key, we live in a time where technology and video are very influential many schools may choose not to adapt to the current times and will be left behind. We live in a current climate where students are on the Internet for 10+ hours a day and come across more advertisement than they would be watching a weeks worth of television. We target young students where many schools, college’s can’t reach.

These videos can be used for, assemblies, open days, school visits, attachment in emails, online for any social media platform and on your website. At VMV we will optimize the number of people that view your video and make sure it reaches the right people. Choosing VMV is vital for this to work. We provide video content for major brands for promotional use so we are experts in getting your message across and marketing it too.

We ensure that your video is done by industry-standard professionals and ensure a finished product that is high in quality.

Producers: Rebecca O’Connor Jordan Velinor, Marissa Corbin
Director: Jordan Velinor
D.O.P: Christopher Thomas
Editor: Christopher Thomas
Runners: Miguel

ALL OF OUR PROJECTS ARE FILMED BY INDUSTRY creatives. We pride our self in delivering a high-quality service along with a professional final product. Visit our contact page for more information.