Event Coverage

Event Coverage

Velinor Media Visuals aim to deliver the perfect
reflection of your event through video. We pride our self in delivering
quality video you can trust. We make sure each and every important
moment is captured from every angle so you can relive that moment in
time. Using a selection of mobile equipment, our staff are able to film swiftly whilst delivering a high quality service.

On the day of shooting, we have an on-set
director/producer who will direct the video and also keep you updated on
filming. Once filming is done the final editing stage begins. Prior to
filming, we would have discussed the completion date and your video will
be ready by that date. We also give you the option to add elements to
your project like graphics or music.


– Bronze, this commonly used for small promotional use. It consists of a 60-second video that can be used on all social media platforms. These short videos on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are statistically viewed more than feature length videos on Youtube and Vimeo. The Bronze package can be added to any package we offer as an additional service. These videos can be added to any social media platform as short clips for audiences to see and follow the link on to the full video. This could be to promote an upcoming event or even to keep your fans/followers up to date.

– Silver package is used for basic highlights of your event. It is a 90-second video of the main highlights of your event. During post-production, we ensure that your video is carefully crafted. 90 seconds is a perfect time to showcase your event with all the highlights included. These videos can also be used on social media as a recap of your event. Our videos not only stand out from but are timeless. Delivering a high-quality product that suits the client’s needs is our top priority.

– Gold is our premier package this offers you both the Silver and Bronze package and a longer final video. A 3minute video is offered with all the features of the packages we offer. By choosing our Gold package we include in-depth interviews of your guest or chosen guest at your event too. With multiple cameramen we have all angles covered. With the shorter clips included you can use these clips for promotional use but also have a longer video for those who want to see more. This is the perfect package for a medium-large scale events where there is a lot to cover. This will ensure that everything is captured and shown.

(All videos subject to budget)

ALL OF OUR PROJECTS ARE FILMED BY INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS THAT WILL GUIDE YOU ALONG THE PROJECT from start to finish. we pride our self in delivering a high-quality service along with an amazing final product.