London based video production company. We are a collective of creative professionals, with a combined experience of 20 + years in television film and media. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality videos by collaborating with our clients to ensure they get the best package to suit their project. 

VMV was formed to bring together creatives in media production and produce a company where we offered our expertise as a service.

As a company our ethos is creating quality video with great people.  VMV not only create video but we create jobs for those who have a passion for media and develop those same people to become some of the most innovative individuals in production. 

With the emergence of video and visual imagery in our lives, many
businesses are moving away from print media and increasing their online
presence. Here at VMV we provide online video content for businesses and
personal clients from, event coverage, to corporate interviews, Weddings, School Video Prospectuses and much more to cater to your needs. A collective of industry standard creatives, some senior staff have worked for major production companies all over the world from Film 4, Warner Bros, Pinewood Studios and the BBC.

Our production process is designed to keep you updated on your project and also gives you the freedom to add any ideas to the project. We ensure that this is a collaborative effort to maximise customer satisfaction.

We offer a number of packages that suit you, just contact us to organise a
consultation meeting.

“creating quality video with great people”