Interview Standard

With our standard interview package we offer an interview of one subject from multiple angles. This package is used for those who need a professional interview filmed of one person with dialogue and lighting. For a more advanced interview style with multiple subjects and locations, please take a look at our Premier package.

Interview Premier

Interview premier consists of interviews that contain more than one person. All interviews include lighting and sound. Premier could be used for Podcast filming, work tutorials, talk shows or any style of interview that includes multiple people. These interviews com in Full HD or optional 4K with a range of different interview techniques used to get the most out of your subjects.

The social media package

The Social Media Package is most commonly used for promotional use. It is smaller package than the others we offer. Three, 30 second clips of promotional interview material. These are tailor made for social media platforms. The 30 second videos are statistically viewed more than YouTube or Vimeo videos because we engage a lot more via social media than we have in recent years. If promotion or marketing is what you are looking for this is essential to add to your package.


The videos main purpose is to catch the viewer’s attention and lead them to the main video which maybe on Youtube, Vimeo or IGTV. Short innovative clips to engage audiences rapidly.


We also offer this service as a single charge if you did only need this service for promotional and marketing purposes. This could be to promote an upcoming event or even to keep your fans up to date.


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Standard Interview
Premier Interview
Social Media Package