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Interview Standard

Interview standard is a structured interview with one subject being filmed in one location with full sound recording and lighting. This package is for those who want a standard interview with dialogue filmed with shots from various angles. Our interviews are filmed in a unique way. We film with two cameras, one stationary camera and one mobile camera to add to the image we present to you. This is our standard interview style for all structured interviews that VMV produce. They also come with the option of adding our social network package which consists of a 15-30 second additional video to add to all social media platforms or view on mobiles.


Interview Premier

Interview premier package includes everything in a standard package but the option of a longer video. This package would be for someone who is looking for a video that is longer than 10 minutes and that also includes more than one interview or person.  A feature-length video illustrating 10 minutes worth of video and dialogue. If your desired video has a vast amount of information that you would like to show then this package is perfect for you to ensure all of your important images are shown and not condensed.


The social media package

The social networking package is available to add to any work VMV produce. The SN package is our small package, which is most commonly used for promotional use. It consists of three 15second videos that can be used on all social media platforms as promotional videos. 15-second videos on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are statistically viewed more every minute of the day in comparison to YouTube views. They are used as teasers to the main video. The videos main purpose is to catch the viewer’s attention and lead them to the main video if they haven’t already watched it. The SN package can be added to any package we offer as an additional service. These videos can be added to any social media platform as short clips for audiences to see.

We also offer this service as a single charge if you did only need these videos done as part of your service. This could be to promote an upcoming event or even to keep your fans up to date.



Social Network Package

0-30 seconds x 2
  • Standard Definition
  • High Definition
  • Filmed and Edited
  • Short highlights for social media
  • Standard upload
  • Upload to VMV profile

Standard Interview

90-second highlight
  • Standard definition
  • High Definition
  • Filmed and Edited
  • Upload to VMV profile
  • Uploaded to YouTube and Vimeo

Premier Interview

  • 90second – 10minute
  • Standard & High definition
  • Filmed & Edited
  • Includes Social Network Package
  • Upload to VMV Website
  • Upload to Youtube & Vimeo
  • Two or more subjects
  • Two or more interviews