Foot Locker – ‘It Must Be Feb’ (Hoop Asylum)

“It Must Be February” sneaker campaign by Footlocker EU. Our Sports Content Manager Lewis Rose was invited to film this wonderful event at the NBA Global Games in London. Attendees of the event and the postgame party included Hakeem Olajuwon, Grandmaster Flash, Carmelo Anthony, Dikembe Mutombo, John Henson, DJ Clark Kent and more. The star-studded event was held in February the month known as the most popular for the sneaker lovers in the world. The NBA all-star weekend also kicks off the start of this fantastic event.

Foot Locker dropped over 150 new products and apparel over the month of February and brought new exclusive sneakers and clothing to Europe. We offer event coverage for all forms of events to suit your project and needs. If sports coverage is needed our sports content manager has a number of years experience in capturing sports and sporting events from creating the coveted well known Hoopasylum brand to shoot for major sporting companies across the globe. Check our services page for more info.

Producers: Footlocker EU
Director: Lewis Rose
Editor: Lewis Rose

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